Our vision for professional development is to build a solid foundation of content knowledge for teaching mathematics and to extend that knowledge to students. A sample of services are as follows:

Content Institutes by Grade Band
Content institutes for teachers (1-8 days) focus on making sense of mathematics for teaching. The institute prioritizes content, student engagement, classroom norms, student discourse, and applying the instructional shifts and the TQE Process with sessions offered by grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and high school). Administrators are strongly encouraged to participate.

TQE Planning
The TQE Planning session supports teachers to plan current content and lessons using the instructional shifts and the TQE Process with their own curriculum resources and pacing guides.

TQE Learning Lab
The TQE Learning Lab session facilitates the development of a task in a “laboratory environment” using the TQE Process. Grade or course-alike participants plan, teach, and reflect on the implementation of common tasks.

TQE Lesson Study
The TQE Lesson Study session is designed for teachers to explore instruction using the TQE Process. Participants engage in a planning-teaching-reflecting-revising cycle. This experience connects the work of the TQE Planning session with the TQE Learning Lab session.

Instructional Quality: Task Potential
The Instructional Quality: Task Potential session focuses on examining tasks prior to implementation with respect to the cognitive demand they encourage. Strategies are shared to adapt tasks to provide opportunities for students to do the sense making.

Instructional Quality: Task Implementation
The Instructional Quality: Task Implementation session provides opportunities for participants to explore factors in the implementation of high-quality tasks. Examination of classroom video and student work support teachers to reflect on their own practice.