DNA Math supports professional development in both face-to-face and virtual learning environments.

An example of our virtual professional development is posted here:
Six (Un)Productive Practices in Mathematics Teaching webinar

Juli Dixon reveals six ways we undermine efforts to increase student achievement and then she goes on to share what to do about them. These teaching practices are commonplace and often required by administrators. Many of them may have been generated from practices in English language arts (ELA) and might work very well in that content area. As a result of this session, you will understand that they are often unproductive when applied during mathematics instruction and may even lead to issues of access and equity. This session helps you to see why these practices are unproductive and also assists you in generating a plan for what to do about them.

* Make sense of six (un)productive mathematics teaching practices;
* Explore reasons for why the practices exist; and
* Learn productive strategies to counteract the madness ☺.